Rights Restore helps clients get back to their normal lives, to their families and their jobs. A felony conviction removes your civil rights to vote or run for office; it also affects your ability to own any type of firearm. Criminal records also negatively impact employment and educational opportunities; the ability to get professional licenses; housing opportunities; and a conviction may negatively influence loans or other financial opportunities.
If you already have a conviction on your record, Rights Restore has experience helping clients get their rights back and get their lives back.

Civil Rights

Arizona wants everyone to be able to rebuild their lives after a conviction. We can help tell your story so that you can achieve your dream to move forward with your life with the ability to exercise your right to vote, hold office , get a job, live in a better place and serve on a jury in Arizona.

Gun Rights

Arizona does have provisions in place to restore your gun rights, but the field is complicated and requires expert navigation. Your rights might be restored two years after your sentence is completed for most convictions. If you were convicted of a “serious offense” under section 13-604, there is a 10-year waiting period; and if your conviction was for a “dangerous offense,” you cannot restore your gun rights. Let us work with you to assess your case and determine if you can obtain successful restoration of your gun rights.

Set Aside Convictions

In 2018, Arizona expanded the provisions that expand criteria for obtaining record set asides. If your conviction is set aside, you are released from the disabilities and penalties that you faced as a result of the conviction.  Our firm will look at your case and work with you to determine if your felony or misdemeanor conviction successfully meets these provisions.

Expunge Marijuana Arrests, Convictions and Adjudications

In 2020, Arizona voters passed Proposition 207 which legalized the use of recreational marijuana for people 21 and older. The proposition adds a number of statutes to Arizona’s state laws, A.R.S. § 36-2682, which states that people who have been convicted of specific marijuana offenses to petition the court to have their records related to those offenses expunged, or removed permanently from their record. The eligible offenses include the following:
• Possession or consumption of two-and-one-half ounces or less of marijuana
• Cultivating, transporting, possessing, or processing six or fewer marijuana plants in a private home
• Possessing, transporting, or using drug paraphernalia that is associated with marijuana

Juvenile Rights
Set Aside Conviction
Destruction of Records

Set Aside Conviction
In the State of Arizona, a set aside conviction, you would be relieved of any penalties or disabilities that resulted from a juvenile adjudication. This is an option for some offenses, not involving a weapon or serious physical injury, if you have completed the sentence and are now over 18. In order to be eligible, you must have no adult convictions or pending charges.  Contact us so we can help.
Destruction of Records
If you are at least 18 (or 25 for certain serious felonies), have no adult convictions or pending charges, and have completed all terms and conditions of your sentence in Arizona destruction of records is available.  The sealing destroys the records, but it does not relieve you of any penalties or disabilities that resulted from a juvenile adjudication.